14 January 2010


Did I mention to everyone that we were getting a puppy? Because we did. And her name is Clementine.

Despite a rocky start (trust your gut and DON'T buy from a white trash back yard breeder!!) we seem to be getting along okay. It was too cold to take her outside the first week and a half she was here (negative wind chill nearly every day) so we had to start using puppy pads. She got the hang of those pretty quickly and now that it's warmer we're having reasonable luck getting her to go outside.


The boys are in love. IN.LOVE. They think she's the best thing ever. Oz calls her "Nine!" as he can't say Clementine yet. All they want to do is play with her.


She seems to be relatively smart and comes when called and is responding to no. She's also very cuddly.


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