27 November 2008


Thanks for all the Thanksgiving invitations. Y'all are awesome. /sarcasm

Really though, it's becoming clear that most everyone in our family thinks we're awful. No one seems to want to spend time with us. I know we don't get home as often as our parents would like, but we do try to make as many trips as we can fit in and get to everyone's house when it works out. I keep this blog so everyone can read what we're doing. I installed the webcam so everyone could see the kids more and yet Andrew, Carter, Oz and I seem to be so awful that we weren't invited anywhere, nor, as of now at least, have we received any phone calls. Yes, I know, the phone works both ways, but we were sort of waiting to see if anyone would bother with us. And so far, no one has. Can you feel my bitterness seeping through the computer?

I guess, I don't know, I've tried hard to make connections with all my family, in-laws, extended family and my family of origin and I never feel like a fit. Everything that I think and most things that Andrew thinks just seem to be different from the way everyone else does everything and what everyone else thinks about things. People think we're rude or thoughtless, that we're trying to be jerks, but that's not at all what we're doing. I don't know, somehow we just ended up on a different wavelength than everyone else. I guess that's why Andrew and I get along so well.

What's my point? I'm not exactly sure. I'm just annoyed that so much of what we've done over the past 9 years has been misconstrued, misunderstood and unappreciated to a point where we're the black sheep and outcasts of all of our families. It's hard to find the will to keep putting forth effort when no one seems to like you.

26 November 2008

Andrew's Christmas List

Money for Tattoos. (Need to finish my sleeve and also get an Oswald tattoo)

Car Service Ramps. Like This

Wheel Chocks to go along with the ramp. (Safety First :)

A shop light that has a retractable cord and a magnet to hang it.

Oil Filter Strap Wrench.

Torque Wrench at least 35 ft pounds. Sometimes they list it as inch pounds so divide that by 12 to get ft pounds. I'd rather have the click kind, but a beam type would be OK too, they are cheaper. 1/2" drive preferred.

Bluetooth Cellphone Earpiece.

3-4 gigabyte MP3 player. Don't really care what kind, just one that has decent reviews for usability.

150 gigabyte or larger External Hard Drive

These hockey stick blades http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-TWO-TPS-R2-Tapered-Wood-Blades-Messier-Sr-LH_W0QQitemZ300253391935QQihZ020QQcategoryZ79774QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1713.m153.l1262
This ebay store is really the only place I know that sells them.

18 November 2008

Oswald's Christmas List

Thirsties fitted diapers size medium

BumGenius diapers

Block books from Crocodile Creek (here and here)

Soft soled shoes, size 6-12 months (I like these and these or these)

[s]Jazzy toes variety pack[/s]

Other than that Oz doesn't need much else. We still have Carter's toys from when he was little and we're pretty good on clothes for him. He's growing so fast it's hard to predict what he'll wear in the late winter/early spring. Right now he fits perfectly in 6-12 month clothes, but when they're listed as just one size instead of a range he wears 12 months. In jeans he wears 18 months. If you're going to buy him clothes I'd go for 12-18 month size (that's what we'll be buying him when he needs clothes again). Packer and Badger apparel is always appreciated.

Both boys could use more placemats as it's so much fun to switch it up. We LOVE these ones from Crocodile Creek. Carter already has the Natural World ABC's and Construction placemats.

On the "Is she 'effin serious?!" list:
Wheely Cow and Bugs
Svan Scooter

Stephanie's Christmas List

Love Actually (with Hugh Grant)
Mermaids (with Cher)

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer Someone got these for me I believe
ON CD: Harry Potter's books 1-4 read by Jim Dale

I have a wishlist with my local Close to My Heart consultant. Andrew can give you her email if you contact him.

Gift certificates to:
Mosaic Moon
Sock Dreams
Lands End
Joann Fabrics

11 November 2008

Carter's Christmas List

We have been truly blessed this year in that we have been able to spend time with family and friends regularly, that the house is in good shape and that we are all in good health. The boys have plenty to play with and cute clothes to ruin while they do so. We aren't in need of anything this holiday season, but we do have a few wants.

Carter is truly a child of nature. He is spirited and full of energy and is grounded by time outside. I've been struggling with this all year because as anyone reading this knows, I hate outside. However, I am trying to honor his needs by taking us outside more and finding things we can enjoy doing together. In addition I am trying to bring nature in to us as often as possible. This, coupled with my fear of plastics, leaves our list fairly natural in nature. I understand that the things I'm listing here are probably not what you were hoping to see on this list, but they are what I think will serve us best in the next year.

--a walking stick (we go on hikes relatively often and he could use a stick to help him with the hills. He's roughly 36 inches tall so a stick around that height would be good for him

--wood to build a fort (scrap wood and branches that may have fallen at your house. I think he would very much like to create a little wooden fort to sit and play in while in the back yard.)

--a nice wooden abacus (this one is nice

--threading games (like this or this)

--a few wooden bowls (like this)

--Not Blocks (here)

--art supplies ([s]like this[/s] or this or these)

--neato puzzles (here or here or here. The puzzles need to be at least 16 pieces)

Sites I like:


So, like I said, a bit unconventional, but hopefully you will see the beauty in these toys. If you have the chance, this months issue of Mothering Magazine has a few wonderful articles on toys, plus a great toy guide. If you do see some super cute clothes you think he has to have, he's wearing a 3T. Of course, Packers and Badgers stuff is appreciated since we can't get it down here. Current interests include: trains, tractors, all heavy machinery (excavators are his favorite) and dinosaurs (triceratops is his favorite).

It's getting late so I suppose Oz's list will have to wait until tomorrow.

10 November 2008

I swear

christmas lists are coming soon.

Picture Dump

Coloring on my pumpkin

He kept wanting to put the seeds back in the pumpkin.

Dov Charney, Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite and Bellatrix Lestrange

Wearing my boots.

Webcam Awesomeness

So we got a webcam and it's awesome. The idea is that Carter and Oz can talk with all of their loved ones who live far away on a regular basis. We tried it out tonight with Oma and it was pretty cool. Auntie Heather just got her webcam today and tomorrow we'll hopefully chat with her! We're using Skype to talk as we couldn't figure out the webcam option on Yahoo!IM. So, if you want to talk with us, get a webcam, get a Skype account and you'll be able to chat live with the boys!