27 November 2008


Thanks for all the Thanksgiving invitations. Y'all are awesome. /sarcasm

Really though, it's becoming clear that most everyone in our family thinks we're awful. No one seems to want to spend time with us. I know we don't get home as often as our parents would like, but we do try to make as many trips as we can fit in and get to everyone's house when it works out. I keep this blog so everyone can read what we're doing. I installed the webcam so everyone could see the kids more and yet Andrew, Carter, Oz and I seem to be so awful that we weren't invited anywhere, nor, as of now at least, have we received any phone calls. Yes, I know, the phone works both ways, but we were sort of waiting to see if anyone would bother with us. And so far, no one has. Can you feel my bitterness seeping through the computer?

I guess, I don't know, I've tried hard to make connections with all my family, in-laws, extended family and my family of origin and I never feel like a fit. Everything that I think and most things that Andrew thinks just seem to be different from the way everyone else does everything and what everyone else thinks about things. People think we're rude or thoughtless, that we're trying to be jerks, but that's not at all what we're doing. I don't know, somehow we just ended up on a different wavelength than everyone else. I guess that's why Andrew and I get along so well.

What's my point? I'm not exactly sure. I'm just annoyed that so much of what we've done over the past 9 years has been misconstrued, misunderstood and unappreciated to a point where we're the black sheep and outcasts of all of our families. It's hard to find the will to keep putting forth effort when no one seems to like you.

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H Bomb said...

hey now.. i dont know taht you can label yourself the black sheep of the family..thats not fair to me. yes, i did get an invite to annes for turkey day but thats only b/c i happened to call jeanne a mere 5 days before the fact to see what dad wanted for x mas. i take pride in the fact that dad thinks im a failure and jeanne thinks im a bitch. i just hope that i can live up to those labels in the future. anyways, i would have loved to make the trek down there but i was obligated to come to erics sisters in order to go to church and instantly light on fire. fun. i do make the trek quite often and i will be there for xmas so get over it lady and enjoy the fact youre not a losery superficial assholes who tries to fit in like the rest of the assholes on this earth.