18 November 2008

Oswald's Christmas List

Thirsties fitted diapers size medium

BumGenius diapers

Block books from Crocodile Creek (here and here)

Soft soled shoes, size 6-12 months (I like these and these or these)

[s]Jazzy toes variety pack[/s]

Other than that Oz doesn't need much else. We still have Carter's toys from when he was little and we're pretty good on clothes for him. He's growing so fast it's hard to predict what he'll wear in the late winter/early spring. Right now he fits perfectly in 6-12 month clothes, but when they're listed as just one size instead of a range he wears 12 months. In jeans he wears 18 months. If you're going to buy him clothes I'd go for 12-18 month size (that's what we'll be buying him when he needs clothes again). Packer and Badger apparel is always appreciated.

Both boys could use more placemats as it's so much fun to switch it up. We LOVE these ones from Crocodile Creek. Carter already has the Natural World ABC's and Construction placemats.

On the "Is she 'effin serious?!" list:
Wheely Cow and Bugs
Svan Scooter

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