14 January 2009

OMG, are we done yet? No...here's Christmas

Oz decorates the tree.

With Santa. Obviously neither of them was thrilled.

Making red velvet cake. What a fiasco. This is not something I'll be making again. The cake didn't rise. I only made two layers because I didn't want it to be huge, but both layers ended up only being the size of one layer. We dyed it green because I didn't want Carter ingesting all that Red Dye 40. Heather tasted a little bit of it and said the crumb tasted like cake. We made the frosting and Heather and Carter frosted it. That's how nice it looked. Then we set it aside. Directions didn't mention refrigerating it, but upon tasting it the next day Heather and I were both struck by the thought that Shirley's is always cold. The caked tasted like rancid cardboard and the smell was really just icky. We ended up throwing the entire thing away. Ick.

Ta da! Christmas pj's.

The Loot.

Andrew gets underwear.

The aftermath.

Andrew reads about the greatest human to ever walk the Earth, also known as Chuck Norris.

Heather cleans up. This was very appreciated by me.

Picture by Carter.

Opening gifts with Grandpa.

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