14 January 2009

At least someone has a voice

I'm finding it very hard to be heard in my government. I was facing one senator who is becoming president, one local representative who is becoming a congressional rep, one congressional rep who is becoming secretary of transportation, a governor who is being impeached and one senator who is extremely busy given that half of our states government is transitioning. I've written letters, sent packages, made phone calls, voted at change.org, signed petitions and sent spammy e-mails. I finally got a call back from one staffer after the new year. I have yet to call him back because I haven't found the time. Fortunately though, while my voice is not being heard as clearly as I like, some people's voices are being heard and changes, or rather, clarifications, are being made the CPSIA. We're not there yet. Even though one senator has said there is an exemption for one of a kind items, he's the only one whose said so so far and no one else seems to be able to find that wording. We all need to keep voting at change.org, continue to contact our representatives and work towards more changes to this law. I don't want to close my shop and thousands of other small scale crafters don't want to either.

I've been spending a lot of time on this which is why I haven't been posting. I've also been hoping someone might post a comment or get more info from me. Oh well. These will mostly be picture spammy. Sooooo...first, visiting with Auntie Meghan. I got to meet Sera, who is lovely, and see her family again, which was also lovely as I feel so comfortable there.

Oz with Auntie Meghan. Uncle Dan holding Sera.

Carter climbing with.....Noah?

Carter and Sera

15 pictures and this was the best one.

Okay, we're done. Notice how Carter moved and just let Sera fall.

All of us together. Yes, I'm aware that I look like shit.

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