09 October 2008

Tis the Season

It's only a few short months until Christmas and if you're as awesome as me you've started your shopping already (I'm actually almost done. So does that mean I found some really awesome stuff early on or you're all just getting random shit I found?). If you're looking to buy the boys clothes, Carter is wearing 3T in both shirts and pants. We can always use jeans, but have plenty of windpants for now. Plain white or basic colored long sleeve shirts are always useful too. We only have one piece of Packer's gear and one piece of Badgers gear so both would be appreciated. Oz is wearing 9-12 month shirts and 12 month or 12-18 month pants. He's mostly wearing knit wool pants this winter so shirts are best. He is also in need of sleepers ASAP! So if you've got money just sitting around goading you to spend it, head on out to the store and get him a few in size 12 months. He'll appreciate having some that fit.

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