09 October 2008

More Wisconsin Visits

Oz with Uncle Rob and Emily

Playing with his big kid cousins, Jack and Nicklas

With Grandma Suzanne

He likes to be in his underwear.

We visited Oshkosh and Appleton in September to celebrate Patti's retirement from the awfulness that is working. Patti is Andrew's aunt and I actually think she like working so I may be projecting some of my own feelings here. Either way, it was a lovely weekend. We stayed in Oshkosh with Auntie Heather and got to spend a great day with Patti and Tom at the Appleton Children's Museum (of which I seam to have no pictures of even though I'm pretty sure I took pictures). Her retirement party was nice (the food was awesome!) and it was nice to see the Lawson side of the family. Carter loved playing with his big kid cousins and, of course, he loved Tom.

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caninecrazy said...

in reference to the earlier pics- Oz is so cute and fat- love the man boobs!!!