03 October 2008

I should be sleeping, but instead I'm updating

It's hard to say what's going on here. I haven't really had any desire to update. Things are busy, busy, busy for me. The AP group is taking a lot of my time right now. I love it, but many things are going undone. The house seems to be a disaster all the time (could this be because I live with three men who feel no need to pick up after themselves?) no matter how often I pick it up. I've been having quite a bit of trouble sleeping. You'd think with that extra time I'd be getting all sorts of stuff done, but I mostly waste the time watching reruns of Stargate and playing spider solitare. High score is currently 1201.

Carter is going to school three days a week. We had a rough transition in the beginning. He was very sad the first few days. I heard reasons like "I don't want to go to school cause I just love you" ....wait, did I post this on the other blog? Livejournal is down right now so I can't check. Oh well, you'll just have to listen to it again. Anyways, school is going great now. He really likes playing there and he's doing all sorts of arts and crafts project that lazy mommy never does with him. While Carter is at school Oz and I are running errands, sleeping or trying to clean up the house. Mostly we're sleeping though.

I'm not finding nearly enough time to craft. I'm doing a fundraiser for the AP group in November which means I need to make quite a bit of stuff before then. I have some stock built up, but nothing that I really want to have there so that means I really need to get on sewing. I've also had a few people ask me to knit for them so I really need to get my shit together. What I really need is a day to myself. I wonder if I can find someone to watch the kids for me one day. Maybe I can kick Andrew out of the house on Sunday.

We had allergy testing done on Carter. He kept getting this gross rash on his face which we determined (through amazing memory recall I my part) to likely be watermelon. I met with the allergist to see if this made him susceptible for other allergies and to confirm this allergy. We did the skin prick test and had no reaction so we did the patch test. He had little bits of cantelope and watermelon, along with a number of other common skin allergens, placed on his back and covered with tape. 48 hours later we took them off. Melon allergy is confirmed. He's also allergic to black rubber and a few weirdo chemicals. These are contact dermititis allergies so he's not going to get asthma symptoms from them, but he will get a rash. We also realized that he gets a rash from bananas. So I guess we're avoiding those things from now on.

Oz is growing, growing, growing. He's weighing in at over 18 pounds already and he's outgrown his carrier car seat. He's rolling over (and using it to roll around the room) and moving backwards (and constantly getting stuck under furniture). He's bringing toys up to his mouth to play with them (well suck on them) and he's just a big ball of smiles. The past five months have just flown by.

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