15 April 2009

i about died from cute

We were at Chuck-E-Cheese (CEC) today for a birthday party. We've only been there a few times, but Carter is always, always fascinated by the dancing robot, puppet people dealies. Today, he was off on his own with his tokens riding rides and playing games (major achievement, he figured out how to play one and get tickets!). A friend's daughter brought me some pictures of Carter in the car with Chuck-e. He didn't know it took pictures, just that it moved. He was excited when he saw the pictures and I put them away. A little later, he pulled one out of the diaper bag and took it over to the robot, puppet dealies and showed his picture to each one in turn. I seriously just about cried. It was so cute and so precious and so....innocent. I really couldn't love him anymore. It's stuff like this that makes all the bad days melt away.

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Meghan said...

I am leaving a comment because I love it when you update and I want to give you encouragement. That is a really cute story. My boys have never been to CEC, because of my crazy-ass fear of rodents - real or animatronic.