25 May 2009

the kids scream, i scream, we all eat ice cream

I am a feedback type of person. I need perpetual feedback. Seriously people.

Happy news: Meghan is home! She and Dan moved back to the midwest. He'll be teaching at Madison again. Of course, she's leaving right away for a fabulous trip to Europe (in which I will go through horrible withdrawals not being able to talk to her every day), but then she's back for good. And a three hour drive is much better than a three hour flight!

Andrew took this picture, I have no idea what was so funny.

Yesterdays ice cream outing:

Oz wouldn't taste it.


(confession: i sorta think he looks a little like hitler when his hair is pushed to the side like this)

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Parry said...

The pictures of the boys are very nice, even though we are usually to lazy to comment, we do appreciate the pictures of the family. How are the new steps working? They look like an easy way to get to the back yard.

Parry and Suzanne