02 December 2008

Here comes Santa Clause (flying by at 45mph) right down Santa Clause Lane

Friday we went to the Santa Parade in downtown Peoria. The weather was BEAUTIFUL so it was the perfect day for a winter parade.

At over 20 pounds Oz is too heavy to hold for too long. Plus he was super slippery in his snowsuit so the sling came in handy!

The stuff nightmares are made of.

No pictures of Santa though. He came flying through at the end of the parade going by so fast that we hardly got a chance to see him (seriously, they were speeding to catch up to the rest of the parade). Carter didn't care since he doesn't know who Santa is, but some of the other kids were disappointed. Carter still has candy left from it, would Tootsie Rolls still even be in existance if it weren't for parades?

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